RoboCup Standard Coachable Players


What is RCSSCoachable

RCSSCoachable stands for RoboCup Soccer Simulation Coachable Players. Then:

What is RoboCup?
See http://www.robocup.org

What is the RoboCup Soccer Simulator?
See http://sserver.sourceforge.net

What are coachable players?
Coachable players are special types of 2D players that can be given advice from an agent called the coach. Coach uses the coach language (CLang for short) to communicate with the players. Coachable players receive the coach's advice and behave accordingly.
In order for the coaches to compete, there is a RoboCup entry called coach competitions. The coaches make use of the coachable players to achieve their goal.
You can find plenty of  Coach Language examples in the following links:
RoboCup 2006 Coach Competitions Results
Coach Language Corpus


Follow this link.

Via CVS:
cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@rcsscoachable.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/rcsscoachable login
[no password needed] 
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@rcsscoachable.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/rcsscoachable co -P rcsscoachable

Created by Sina Iravanian
August 15, 2006